or Rolling Dope for Dopes, a guide to responsible Cannabis use for new users

Why roll a joint ever again in the land of never ending pre-rolls? Why know how to build a fire when you have a furnace in your house? Because it could save your life. Here’s the scenario: You’re at home with your best friend, and its Canadian winter out there so neither of you want to drive, let alone leave the house. You don’t have a bong, and you live a minimalist lifestyle so there is absolutely nothing to make a pipe out of. Your wife/girlfriend just took the cans back for deposit. Time to roll one… look no further than this guide to become expert in rolling artisan Cannabis cigarettes in no time.

1. Gather your tools and material

Start with a premium strain, Sativa if you plan on some activity, Indica if you want to chill. There’s much more nuance there to consider, but those are your basic effects.

A grinder, some papers, a business card aka. filter, a pen for poking, and a chunk of that beautiful bud

2. Grind that bud

Don’t fill the grinder up too full, or your will have a hell of a time turning the thing. If you’re finding it’s sticking quite a bit, it helps to scrape off any residue on the contact edges of the grinder (the inside edge of the lid, and the lip on the grinder that it sits on.

Grit your teeth and twist repeatedly. Go clockwise, counterclockwise, any way you can turn it will do. I hope you’ve been training grip strength.

3. Prep the paper

I like to give the paper a quick roll before I get to work to give it the right shape and make it easier to tuck in those edges once we get it full of flower.

Fill that bad boy with a reasonable and responsible amount of flower, depending on how many people are participating.

I transfer to my left hand, cradle the whole works, and push the flower in from each edge and pack it down a bit in the middle of the paper to make it easy to roll, and so we don’t lose too much flower to the kitchen table.

4. The roll and tuck

Carefully roll between your thumbs and forefingers to form the flower into a shape that vaguely resembles the shape you want your joint to be; cylinder, cone, camel, its all good.

I typically roll, with the glue side on the side of my forefingers, and I use my thumbs to tuck in both corners, and roll the glue side over. This takes a bit of practice.

5. The glue and poke

Lightly wet that glue and finish the roll. In the case of Juicy Js, its a sugar based glue, don’t lick it all off or you will have to start over!

I usually give each end a little poke with the pen to push the Cannabis away from the edges of the paper.

Give the front end (the opposite end of the filter) a little light twist, just to keep any (more) Cannabis from falling out. I usually let the seam/glue dry a little before inserting the filter and performing the finishing touches.

6. Build a filter

Business cards are my personal favorite. Fold it back and forth a bunch of times and rip, or get out the scissors for a cleaner edge. They both work.

Roll it up to be slightly smaller than the filter end of the joint, tear off any excess. The filter will unravel and expand to fill the space pretty effectively.

7. Finishing touches

Push that filter in there. Once again, I let the glue/seam dry a little before I do this, or you stand a good chance of splitting your paper. I put a bit of a hard edge in the center of the filter so I can use a steak knife to help it unfurl and reach its full filtering potential.

When the filter is secure, shake it lightly from the twisted non-filter end to pack the flower in a little better, but don’t pack it in too tight. This will afford you the opportunity to shape it a little bit as you go.

8. Great work, enjoy!